What is the Thrifty Project?

Posted by elijah rocillo on

Being thrifty is an awesome thing. It can be challenging but once you get the idea of it, it might change your life forever. Our goal is to provide information on improving your lifestyle by using money wisely and not wastefully. This is not being cheap and we won’t ask you to start buying piggy banks. To put it simply, The Thrifty Project will help you develop habits to make most of what's in your pocket.

Here are some tips to help you get started:

  1. Create life goals.

You're going to need something to tell yourself that life is worth it and we're not stuck in our daily lives just to pay the bills. Create a list of what you want to achieve whether it will be for travel, reading, health, finance and relationship goals.

  1. Use a budget and keep track of your spending.

You can't start a thrifty living without knowing where your money is going. Focus first on your daily expenses. It will help you identify the simple changes you can make to extend your budget. There are apps that can help you with this such as Mint, Pocket Expense, and Unsplurge.

  1. Less Expensive Brands

One of our biggest expenses comes from shopping. If you like to buy premium branded items, you might want to consider its cheaper counterpart. Most of the time, it’s just as good. Compare prices and quality before buying a product and you'll be amazed how much money you'll save.

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